Proposal for Job Descriptions
This Proposal was originally emailed to Presbytery Members on August 14, 2014. Attachments referred to are provided as Links in the fourth paragraph of the document.
Members of East Iowa Presbytery:
Attached, you will find a proposal for six job descriptions in our Presbytery.  Two of the positions (Stated Clerk and Treasurer) are officer positions (to be filled by persons elected by the Presbytery as mandated by the Book of Order) and the other four are staff positions (to be approved by the Presbytery).  These job descriptions are the result of many hours of prayerful discernment and discussion by the Administrative Commission on Governance (ACOG), the Trustees and the Personnel Committee.  These three groups have met together numerous times in order to coordinate all aspects of the proposal.  The Personnel Committee conducted extensive interviews with all the current staff of our presbytery and made a thorough review of all current policies.  The Trustees have examined the salary ranges to make sure that they fall within our current budget projections.  Finally, this proposal comes after taking seriously the questions and discussions that ACOG facilitated at the last Presbytery Meeting when the bare outlines of a proposal were presented.
It is important to notice that there is no position of General or Executive Presbyter in the proposal.  The reason for this change gets to the heart of the discussions that ACOG has been facilitating with the Presbytery over the past few meetings.  Instead of having one “in charge” person in the Presbytery Office, these new positions are intended to work cooperatively in a shared-leadership model with the Personnel Committee providing oversight and clarity of job responsibilities.  For close to two years now, the current staff has already been working successfully with a version of this model, but without clear job descriptions.  In this proposal, the jobs will be clarified and responsibilities will be delineated.  The work of coordinating the overall mission of the Presbytery has been transferred to the Presbytery Coordinating Commission which is chaired by the Moderator of the Presbytery and consists of two representatives from every committee and commission within the Presbytery.
Another noticeable change in the proposal is the creation of a full time Networking Associate position.  This position is the result of Presbytery discussions that clearly voiced a desire for resources and support for the ministries and missions of local churches.  The job of the Networking Associate is to CONNECT people and congregations together when they have similar interests and passions.  This position will also make sure that we continue to have a strong educational focus and communicate well with one another.  This position puts staff resources into one of the central responsibilities of the Presbytery.
None of these staff positions
(Committee on Ministry Associate, Financial & Administrative Support Associate, Networking  Associate, Pastor to Pastor Care Associate, Stated Clerk, & Treasurer) will be of any use without the continued commitment of every congregation to a covenant relationship that binds us together in a common desire to serve Christ.  One of the strengths of our Presbyterian way of discipleship is that we try to involve as many people as possible in our governance and mission.  In this way, we strive to be a “bottom up” kind of people, rather than “top down” – we save that top position for Christ alone.
Everyone in the Presbytery is invited to talk about the proposal at:

An informal discussion
7:00 pm Tuesday September 2nd
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Iowa City

This discussion is for the purpose of answering any and all questions and concerns about the proposal.  There will be no voting or decisions made on that night.  Representatives from ACOG, Trustees and Personnel Committee, along with the Stated Clerk and Moderator will be present to help clarify the proposal.  The proposal will be presented for a vote at the October 7 stated meeting of the Presbytery in Washington.